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MagSafe collar stuck in computer. Best way to remove and repair it?

My wife removed the power cable, an L-style MagSafe cable, from her laptop today. When she did, the rectangular collar around the pins remained in the computer while the rest of the MagSafe connector came out. She tried using tweezers, which didn't work. When I get home, I'll try needle nose pliers to remove it.

Assuming I get the collar out of the computer, what's the best way to repair it, or should I just scrap the power cable and get a new one?

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be careful here as you don't what to short out any of the contacts or a contact with the case either. If you do you risk killing the charging circuit.

As to repairing the AC power adapters MagSafe connector:

Give it a good inspection to see if any of the pins look damaged. Compare against a second connector as the pins are not all the same diameter nor do they stick out at the same depths.

I would also use urethane glue and just a little here where the magnet seats against the housing as you don't want it to ooze out messing up the contacts.

Sure, getting a new AC power adapter would be the easy way-out here.

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