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2.3GHz, 2.6GHz, or 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Liquid spilt on keyboard, components cleaned, still doesn't turning on

Hi everybody,

3 weeks ago i spilt half a shooter of whisky on my keyboard. I didn't notice it immediately and my computer passed the all night on sleep mode with the liquid inside.

The morning after, when i tried to turn it on the fans were running really fast, the screen was unusually dark, the trackpad wasn't responding normally and no color on the alimentation plug. Also when turned off, the computer was turning on by itself...

So i took it into pieces and cleaned all components (the logic board wasn't smelling alcohol, the I/O board was, also the I/O cable, the SSD and the wifi card) with distilled water and a toothbrush, put it back together, tried to turn it on, same bugs.

So after that i tried to plug the alimentation with the keyboard disconnected from the logic board. The computer didn't turn on by itself and the alimentation plug was responding normally (green led turning to orange), BUT this time the fans started automatically, very slowly, and behaving like they were booting on and on. So i replaced the keyboard with a new one, but no amelioration, the computer doesn't want to turn on, the fans behave like i told before, but when i press the booting button they turning on and on faster.

So my questions are :

- Is this behavior of the fans normal ? (someone told me that it is a "safe mode" in order to protect the computer because somehow the logic board doesn't recognize all the components)

- the I/O cable was very badly touch by the whisky, the liquid sensor turned red, can this cable be damage ?

- does someone have any other idea to share with me in order to save my 2k5 € retina...?

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Yes the cable (connector) can be damaged look for burn marks. If you took it apart the connector to the SSD could be damage or not fully connected.

Cleaning alone will not repair shorted components....Look for swollen components. Cleaning may, or may not, remove arc traces or paths.

Have you tried booting it while connected to an external monitor?

Fans run at high speed by default when sensors are damaged or not working in an attempt to stop the user from cooking the CPU.

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Hi, thank you for your answer.

I can't try to boot it with an external monitor, i don't have one.

My fans run at really low speed when alimentation is plug in, and like i told, behave like they are booting on and on. So it might not be a normal behavior...

The I/O cable doesn't seems damage, neither the SSD connector, but in fact i'm not sure, can you be specific on what can look like a burn mark ? No components look swollen.


Discoloration - dark yellow, brown black. If you didn't final rinse in 99% alcohol your board may still have been wet after cleaning when you applied power. Any alcohol less than 90% has too much "water" in it. Distilled water rinse alone is not good for cleaning... has too many ions in it.


I found discoloration on the I/O card and a little bit on the logic board, but not on the components, on the little dots that you can see on the board itself. Is that important ? Do you advice me to re-clean everything with 99% alcohol ? And then rinse with distilled water ? Again, thx for answer


FINAL RINSE WITH ALCOHOL - 99% to remove water ions. If you put water back on the board, what would have been the point of using alcohol.?


Ok thank you, and what about the discolorations i found, do you think that a big deal ?


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