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The original Xbox is Microsoft's first widely popular video gaming system. It has an easily identifiable black case with 'XBOX' emblazoned on the top and front. Repair is easy with common tools.

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power button for xbox origanal doesn't work

the power button doesn't work on my xbox original device.

How can and how can I replace it

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maybe something wrong with your power button, buy the original one and replace it

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need to open your xbox up unhook the control ports wires and the yellow power wire -theres #3 3 tabs on the inside carfully stick small screwdrivers in those then on each side of the box #1 at a time insert a large flathead screwdriver should pop it off -- then your switch is easy to get too [tabs] need one $5 shipped ~email me ~~i take paypal

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It might be an issue with your clock capacitor in the XBOX itself on the Motherboard. You may have to take apart your Xbox, and will have to check the Motherboard for any corrosion leakage from the capacitor.

If there is, you can easily remove the capacitor (or re-solder it if you feel talented enough) and clean off the residue.

Should be working fine after that!

It is to be noted though that you can only do this to XBOX systems from before 2006

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