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Devices used to transport clothing and equipment whilst traveling. Repair ranges in difficulty based on the damage.

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Can you ship me a new wheel?

I need a new wheel for my carry-on luggage piece. I am not sure of the model. It is probably about 6 years old. The wheel diameter is slightly over 3 inches. I have removed the damaged wheel but need a new one. How can I get one?

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Who made your luggage? It will help if you can give us beter dimension, i.e. outside diameter, thickness and outside diameter of the axle hole. Add an image with your question might be of further assistance.


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You can get new wheels in LOWES HOME IMPROVEMENTS. Usually they come in pairs. You may have to replace both if you can't find the same size. Also, try HOME DEPOT.

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Inline skate wheels work well for luggage repair, check on these for long-lasting repairs.

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