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How can I fixed a failed hard drive in a Sony VAIO PCG-61A12 laptop?

A week or so a ago, while using my laptop, it took a nasty hit from a figure that had fallen high from a shelf unexpectedly. Since then, the laptop has been giving me "Operating system not found" and none of the f keys or the assist button are working as they should except the f2 key and when pressed it shows the hard drive as 0GBs.

Though it's my fault for not backing up what was most important, I can't afford to lose the information stored as there are pictures and videos that are valuable.

Is it salvageable? Am I just screwed beyond reason?

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Ramsey, your drive most likely failed from internal mechanical failure of the read/write heads etc. There is not a whole lot that you can do as a DIY'er. Depending on the iformation needed you could try a professional service that may recover some of the files for $$$$

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