Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Why doesn't my GE Profile JVM149OBD003 microwave power on?

I have a Microwave GE Profile JVM149OBD003. This microwave is installed in my RV which was plugged into a defective 50 amp circuit that had both legs as 214 volts rather than 110 volts.

The RV circuit breaker tripped except for the microwave circuit and now the microwave shows no signs of life.

Is there fuse protection for the 214 volt hit in this microwave? I also read that there is a thing called a varistor?

How can I diagnose this microwave? I am hoping there is a simple solution.

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Line Fuse

Every microwave oven has a line fuse. This fuse is designed to blow if too much current is drawn through the microwave circuitry. The fuse can be replaced, but the underlying issue should still be investigated and resolved.

Main Control Board

If the microwave is not working the main control board may be defective. This is not common. When a microwave stops working the problem is usually the line fuse or within the high voltage circuit; either the high voltage capacitor, diode, transformer or magnetron.

Thermal Fuse

If the microwave is not working the thermal fuse may have blown. It can be tested for continuity.

Here's a link to the parts you may need:

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