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water damaged iPhone but only while connecting to power, still work

Hi guys

While skiing, I kept my iPhone4s in my trowser pocket. Certainly It was not good place but I did it, water droplets any how succeded to went inside phone and it was turned off. On same day whole night I put iPhone under table lamp to get it dryout. Again next day it was not turning on. Latter on, when I connected to power, all functions are working and after removal of power again switched off. Please suggest me what to do.

Thanx in advance...

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Thnx for useful reply. I did the aforesaid above and my iphone is working now. The problem I am facing now is the short life time of battery. After full charging, my iphone battery life is around 4-5 hours only. Kindly suggest any useful way to enhance the battery life time.

Thnx in advance


You did get a new battery?


Yes, I put new battery


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ajay, the table lamp will not evaporate enough water. You will have ongoing corrosion damage. I suggest that you using the device, (remove the battery) and totally disassemble it. Then clean it with +90% isopropyl alcohol. This will displace the water and stop corrosion. It it okay to submerge a board in isopropyl alcohol. After that, air dry all the components. Do not forget to clean the connectors on the board as well as the cables. Then re-assemble with a new battery This is not optional but a must to avoid failure later on. " Check your board for any missing or damaged component. Water damage is the toughest to trouble shoot and to repair. Hope this helps, good luck.

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