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New Battery Charge Level Incorrect


I ordered a new battery from this site (MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Early 2011-Mid 2012) Battery) for my MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011.

After putting the new battery in, I pushed the battery charge level button to see how much it was charged. It showed 4-5 lights. I powered on the laptop and OS X showed the battery charged at 45% and that it would take 2-3 hours to fully charge. I disconnected the power cable and it immediately shut down.

Seems to me the battery charge level is completely off. I let the battery charge fully, and got about 36 minutes of usage time before the laptop shut itself down. I reconnected the power cable and powered back on my Mac, and it showed the battery level at 75%, charging!

So what's the deal? Is the battery defective? The sticker on it from iFixIt showed 0 cycles.


Here are the Coconut Battery results. If I charge the battery up fully (94% or so), it will last for about 20 minutes before suddenly shutting down. I went through three cycles of that yesterday, and it seems to last 20-30 minutes each time. Plugging it back in starts it up again right away.

The web results seem to have a mix of data from old battery and the new one, don't know if that helps:

Block Image

Block Image

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Download and run Coconut Battery. It will give you the actual number of cycles, the original maximum charging capacity and the current capacity. Armed with this information we can better tell you what's going on.

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