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ZIF cable for replacement fan doesn't reach

I've bought two different fans that both advertise they will replace the fan on the A1370, but neither is able to reach the ZIF socket for the fan. All replacements seem to be the same model (Sunon MG50050V1-B030-S9A).

My original fan reaches just fine, and I'm able to reinstall it. Not sure if there is a different fan I should be buying, or if there is some trick to make the replacement fan reach.

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Lets make sure we identify your computer correctly. Give us the computers serial number so we can identify your hardware.


Sure. C02DW1F6DDQY


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Was the part you ordered marked as: Fan - 922-9676 for the 11 inch model. Or, was it marked as: Fan - 922-9643 which is for the larger 13 inch model (both P/N's here are for the Late '10 models).

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One that I bought was marked as 922-9676. The other didn't list an Apple part number. But both mentioned they were for 11" Air with model number of A1370.


I would return both and try another source if you are sure you are installing it correctly and are plugging it into the correct header.


Well I bought the second one from a different source in the hopes that the first one was defective.

I'm positive I'm plugging it in to the correct header since I can reinstall the original just fine.

It looks to me like everybody is selling the Sunon MG50050V1-B030-S9A as a replacement fan for the A1370, but I'm suspecting that it is not actually correct. I'd love to find a different replacement part (if one exists) or at least somebody who can say that they have successfully used the Sunon fan on the A1370.


Don't know what to tell you... Clearly the suppliers you used are confused. Apple uses a few different suppliers for parts as such I don't focus on the vendor name more on the P/N as the cable from the fan unit is often measured to Apples specs. That could have confused them if you offered the name of the fan. Try again, this time just the P/N from a different vendor, maybe the third time is the charm ;-}


Yes, it does seem like the Sunon fan is simply being labeled incorrectly. In general, if the fan you are buying is ~$10, it is probably a Sunon and will not fix the A1370 (unless they have a different model that does fit). The replacement fans that are ~$40-$50 seem to work fine. The one I ended up getting was by Delta Electronics Inc.


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