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Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Repair Battery or Logic Board?

I accidentally spilled a cup of water on my keyboard. I disassembled it and clean it (not the battery section). My macbook works just fine now, but it would not power on with the battery. I have to have an adapter plugged in for it to work. The adapter glows orange only. At first my mac says my battery was at 94% and i "Need to replace my battery now". When i disconnect the battery adapter from my logic board, it does not detect the battery at all. I assume that the logic board is still fine? When i reconnect the adapter, my mac tells me

Battery 93%

condition: replace now

Battery is not charging.

power source: Power Adapater.

Battery Adapter and logic board

Block Image

Battery Chip

Block Image

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I recently had similar behavior on a "broken" 2011 MBP that I bought.

My guess is you'll need to remove the logic board and closely inspect it for any corrosion. If you find any, use a soft toothbrush dipped in standard rubbing alcohol and gently clean it.

Another thing to look for - there are several bits of foam stuck to the logic board. When this foam is new and dry I'm sure everything is OK, but after getting wet I suspect it may become slightly conductive. I removed all this foam using pointy tweezers and jeweler's glasses (to help me see the tiny bits). I replaced the foam with some tiny bits of foam that I had handy, but I wrapped them with black electrical tape just to be sure.

If your board is like mine, there's foam just under the bottom cover next to the battery connector and there are several pieces between the board and the speaker.

I have no idea if the wet foam is your issue, but my MBP started working properly only after I removed all that foam. You'll have to be creative to replace it and hold the speaker in place.

Good luck.


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Hello Keith,

there was no foam near the battery or on top of it. I have uploaded images for the laptop. I'm not sure is there suppose to be a gel like substance on the battery chip though...


Opps, darn, I'm sorry, I (stupidly) didn't notice that you've got a RETINA . . . so far I've only repaired the non-retina MBP. My bad.


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ileonwhou, I'd start with a new battery first. I also do not have the "gel like substance" on my battery. May be normal, just not on all batteries. A new battery will take the guess work out of your liquid damage.

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Lol thank you. I'm just trying to get some opinion before i spend 200 to fix the battery, or go get a logic board fix.


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