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MacBook Pro models with a 15" display

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cannot power on MacBook Pro despite SMC and PRAM resets

Hello Apple Expert(s),

I have a macbook pro that is simply dead. I have tried an SMC reset, a PRAM reset, and I bought a new battery. I see the green lights on the back of my battery and the power cord is an apple cord that appears to be just fine. I have also tried to power on the computer with the power cord plugged in but the battery out. This computer is out of warranty and I'm hoping someone has a suggestion of a trick to try other than calling Apple or scheduling an appointment at an Apple Store.

Worth noting that I do not hear any fans, any clicks, or *any* indication that the computer is trying to power up. The only signs of electricity are the green lights on the battery and the small charging light one sees on the cord when plugged in to the computer.

Many thanks for any suggestions or a potential diagnosis.



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Please give us the last three figures of your serial number.


thanks - this is at least a new avenue to explore. My serial number ends "YKD". Best, nkb


Nancy can you give us the last four digits as I suspect you have a newer model as the three digit code is failing to come back with a model.


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It's completely possible that the top case (power button runs through it) is damaged.

It is possible to test the logic board with what is called a forced start (aka jump start).

If the jump start fails then the logic board has major problems.

The procedure varies from model to model so your exact model must be identified to get useful directions (your "ID" covers 14 different machines)..

You will need the proper tools to open the case so if you're going to attempt this the first order of business is to obtain the proper tools (every job is easier when you use the correct tools).

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it accepted.

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