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Toshiba 32PS200E1 LED TV has sound but no picture?

my tv works and i can here the sound but no picture, i get it to a local technician he said problem with display panel and i cant be repaired ,should be replaced.

how can i repair it?

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Before trying to replace the panel, what has your local technician checked. A dark panel can be caused by multiple other things. Have your technician check your power supply and the inverter circuitry for your panel. Also, double check your TV's model number. I have a really hard time finding a Toshiba 32PS200i


OT - I think it's a foreign market set.


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Sadly, the prices of TV's have dropped to such a point many manufactures don't offer many parts. The LCD display is one of them.

Are you sure the display is gone? Its possible something else needs repair.

If you think you have the needed skills to diagnose the TV's electronics you'll need to get the service manual.

I would try contacting Toshiba directly to order it.

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what i know is i have the sound but no picture,the technician checked the pcb connected to the display with a multi-meter

and the model no is 32ps200E1


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I am a tv repair guy. The problem on these and many new led backlit tv sets is the led light strips fail. Leaving you with no picture. They can be replaced. The repair is about 6 hours though as involves removing the entire lcd panel and a lot of the tv has to be stripped down to nothing.

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