The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released September 1, 2009.

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Is the kit sold here truly NOT suitable for fixing a PS3 slim?

Hey all,

I'm just wondering why the kit sold here is described as not being usable for the PS3 slim model. I've watched a number of videos on reflowing both the fat and slim models with YLOD, and there don't seem to be big differences. Is it that the heat gun's output is somehow unsuitable for the slim model? Or is it just that screws aren't the same between models? Obviously, I'm asking because I want to fix my poor YLOD PS3 slim :-)


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Zugman, different thermal pads different layout etc., are the reason why this kit will not work for you. Things will not fit, the heatgun is okay and so is the thermal paste, but that is where it ends.

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Got it. Thanks for your input!


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