heating problem of MacBook Pro A1260

I own a macbook pro A260...The temperature always stays around 50-60 degree celsius even if I dont use any application..and it increses to 60-70 while I run some applications.recently I replaced the thermal paste and the problem still persists...What do u people think may be the pblm????please answer

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my temp remains around 55-65...and increses to 75 degree celsius when I run heavy applications..but the bottom case is getting overheated...I just want to know the cause of this overheat becuse the pblm still persists even after replacing thermalpaste..I just want to know if its common with core2duo macs...


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manishrchandran, I am not sure what the issue is. Average temperatures are anything from 48'C - 90'C and the CPU will force shutdown when it hits about 110'C. you should check your temps with an app like iStat etc. If you are not sure about the temp range that your processor should have, check on here

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