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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Wondering if my iPod's backlight is going out and whats causing it?

A couple days ago i noticed my iPod video was dim, i tried to change the brightness but nothing was working so i restarted it, which fixed it temporarily, i then went along with my business and forgot about it, last night it did the same thing again, but this time i was changing my brightness and the backlight died and when real dim and was flickering, my question is does anyone know if its caused by the logic board or the lcd panel itself? I haven't tried to restore it yet but it doesn't seem to be a software issue since its happening in both iPod OS and Rockbox. Just can't figure it out and would like someone opinion before i go and replace the screen to find the logic board is the culprit. Should i just give up on it?

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Wesley H, no way do you want to give up on it. This model iPod is a great media player and has a great sound quality. It is possible ( not very likely) that it is the board. Usually when the backlight fails, it just fails. I would suggest you invest $15 and replace the LCD. Worst case scenario it is the board, I would even recommend replacing the board if need should be. This model is relatively easy to work on and it's an easy fix. Fix it, keep it:-) If you do not want to fix that, you will easily get your money out of it if you sell the iPod for parts. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you ill definitely get a new LCD for it and see if that fixes it, i did tear it open last night and messed with the LCD ribbon and i could force the backlight to turn off which tells me that its the ribbon connected to the LCD. Thanks for your help!


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