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Model A1224 / Early 2009 / 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Heat sink part number?

Hello, I've been searching for the part number for the heat sink for the 20 inch display early 2009, 2.66 ghz core duo. I've searched high and low. I'm having a problem with intermittent shutdowns after about 10-20 mins. The repair man thinks it could be the heat sink and temp sensor or the power supply. I wanted to try and repair this heat sink, since its only about $15.00 used. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated

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Jeremy, when you say "repair the heatsink", what's your plan about the repair? Not much to repair, more a replace and replace the thermal paste if needed. It is possible that it shuts down because of overheating, but I would definitely not rule out the power supply.

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I'm sorry, I did mean replace the heat sink and heat sensor. I've found many used and fully operational on eBay. I figured I'd start here first and then if it didn't fix my problem, I'd replace the power supply. I just don't want to order the wrong heat sink in my attempt to disassemble the unit and repair it.

Thanks for your reply.


Jeremy, the number I have is Heat sink 730-0563 and temp sensor 593-0872. As usual, you always want to check with the vendor to make sure that they have listed the parts accordingly. When in doubt, ask.


Awesome, thank you for your help!


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