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Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Pressing power button won't do anything

I have a late 2008 15" mbp that's been working perfectly. Earlier this year it started to have problems booting up, when I start it from shut down the power button doesn't seem to do anything. It only worked when I remove the battery and ac adapter and hold the power button for more than 10 seconds then connecting it back to one of the power sources, either ac adapter or battery, and pressing the power button again. That worked for almost a year now without any problem however today it won't start no matter what I do. There's no response whatsoever, no sleep light, no startup chime, no fan spin, nothing at all. The ac adapter lights green when connected and the battery indicator shows full charge when connected. I can't think of anything that is faulty except the power button itself, could that be possible or could it be something else?

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Hello I have the same problem on a mbp 17" mid 2009, I'm afraid that it's not the power button but you can try to start it up with the pads, this site will tell you where are the pads of your mbp :

I'm going to remove the airport card as suggested mayer, if I solve the problem I'll let you know.

Good luck.


My post is here :

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Having to boot by doing a SMC reset for almost a year indicates you've had a major problem for that long.

The System Management Controller (SMC) is responsible for many low-level functions on Intel-based Macs. These functions include:

  • Responding to presses of the power button
  • Responding to the display lid opening and closing on portable Macs
  • Battery management
  • Thermal management
  • The SMS (Sudden Motion Sensor)
  • Ambient light sensing
  • Keyboard backlighting
  • Status Indicator Light (SIL) management
  • Battery status indicator lights
  • Selecting an external (instead of internal) video source for some iMac displays

You were using a diagnostic tool to solve a problem. There are no software fixes for hardware issues.

So yes the power button could be your fault (issue) but it could also be any number of the above components… even a bad SMC chip.

Now you have to dig in to find the actual source - trying a forced boot by jump starting the machine ONCE bypassing the power on button may identify the problem as your power button/top case… or - if that fails, eliminate it and point to a some other component (lid, battery, sensor or chip).

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