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The current line of iPod touch comprises seven (7) different generations.

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A bluetoot headset that works for an iPod Touch and PDA simotaniously?

Someone on my Christmas list has an iPod Touch for music and a bluetooth PDA for everything else. I'd like to get her a headset for the Touch that would interrupt the music when a call arrives on the PDA so she doesn't have to carry two headsets and juggle between them. Anybody have a recommendation?



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I'm pretty sure that no bluetooth connection will work with 3 devices at the same time. Bluetooth connections work on the concept of "pairing" which involves only 2 devices. In theory it would be possible through some fancy hardware but I've never seen it.

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Apple has disabled the bluetooth stack on their devices. There isn't much one can do with them except connect to a headset. On other devices, one can set up a personal area network (PAN, BTPAN). This would allow multiple devices to communicate simultaneously.

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