Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1458

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Stuck in Headphone mode.

Hallo. My iPad frequently is stuck in headphone mode, but it only happens when I try to use the microphone, like Siri. It also doesn't record any video. After a few minutes it comes back to normal mode, but when I insert a headphone it doesn't recognize it. Sometimes it does do work, mic, headphone but a few hours later nothing work anymore. Also when it does present the issue the iPad slows down radically, wich I could see with Geekbench 3. I already changed the mic and the headphone jackboard. Don't know what to do anymore.

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Hi Schuk,

It could be a software issue. Even more if your iPad's jailbroken, or started acting out right after an update.

So as a first step, did you try to restore from DFU mode ?

Here's how-to:

Back-up your data: update iTunes to the latest version on your laptop. Then back-up your iPad to iTunes using an original cable.

Access DFU mode: press & hold (Home Button + Power Button) for 12 seconds, release Power Button but keep pressing Home Button for another 15 seconds.

Restore your iPad: reconnect the iPhone to iTunes. You should see that an iPad in recovery mode is detected, and be prompted to Download and Restore your iPad. Click Accept and leave your iPad connected.

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Thank you Rany for your tip. I actually did a couple of restores, setting as new device etc but without any good results, however I did not try in dfu mode, only normal restore. It could help. Another symptom is that if the sound does work and you put the headphone it doesn't detect it. Could you think another possibility? After I disassembled the whole device and assembled all together it stayed for a couple days working perfect. I start thinking it could be the loudspeaker connector. Well, thank you!


I think I figured out. I found somethink wierd near the ipad onboard amplifier. It lucks like a damaged capacitor. There is a black dot near one side and very likely it's what's happening. So, it's dead.

Here you can see the picture:


Sorry I missed your comment earlier.

The black dot means nothing in my opinion. It could be a drop of "resin" (I forgot the exact technical name).

I had hoped this was a software issue. But if the latter is ruled out, then you have to examine the circuit responsible for the headphones jack (or at least start there) on the board. If it's anything like the iPad 3 (it usually is), there are about 15 components (filters, resistors) that must be checked, ending up with the audio codec IC. I can't help you at this level, unless you have micro soldering tools and skills to test and repair/replace the needed components. I personally don't have all the needed skill and knowledge for this repair. If that's the case for you too, I can point you towards (and recommend) jessabethany.. look up her name/page on this site and contact her if you need help.


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