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White screen works fine on external monitor.

So about two months ago, during use, my MBA suddenly went white. I can brighten or dim the screen and occasionally I can get an image of the top part of the display (options toolbar), but it's in the middle of the screen. Computer works fine on an external monitor and aht gave no errors. I'm just trying to figure out if it's the LCD, the lvds cable or the logic board. Are there any further tests I can do to help clear this up?

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Joseph, "Computer works fine on an external monitor" pretty much rules out GPU/Logic board. It does sound like a bad LCD panel. Post an image of your LCD display with your question.


Thanks guys. This was my hunch I guess I just wanted to hear someone else say it. Below is a link to an image of the screen. The foreground is the laptop and the background is the external monitor.



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I agree with OldTurkey03, it sounds like a bad LCD, this could be because the connectors in the screen are loose.

This happened to me when i had issues, my laptop would have a white screen, took it to the repair shop and turns out the connectors were loose.

I am sure there is a guide in regards to this problem. If not just take it to the closest repair shop.

Thanks and all the best

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Thanks, I've already checked the cable end that connects to the logic board and it is fine. It must be the LCD panel. Sometimes it's just good to hear something from someone else.


the image you linked to is defiantly a LCD issue, and i understand what you mean, its better to get other peoples opinions and knowledge before taking more steps.


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