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AC power adapter for MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. Uses a self-aligning magnetic connector that disconnects safely when tugged. First-generation (2006-2012) MagSafe chargers have a slightly thicker, L-shaped connector. Available in 45 W, 60 W, and 85 W versions.

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Crack open the case or splice in the middle?

The cat chewed through one of my Magsafe 2 adapters. I bought a pigtail to replace it, but I'm not looking forward to prying the case open and gluing it back shut. If I splice the new end in and cover it all with heat shrink, am I just asking for it to tug apart and short?

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It's still a big job, but with a good staggered soldered splice and wrap/shrink you can probably have it stronger than before it was broken.

Obtain the proper tools, every job is easier when you use the right tool. You'll need a soldering station you can't do this sort of work with a common gun or stick iron they get way too hot and have too large of tip.

Study the guide and notes (not just look them over) - before you begin starting around step 9 to see what you're in for.

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