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Need help identifiying a missing component

Hi everyone, I had a problem repairing a MacBook Pro 13" Mid. 2012. First I was without backlight after cleaning some rust with a toothbrush and alcohol on the logic board I've detected a small fuse not working, so I made a bridge to test. But now the Mac wont turn on, not even the fan/nothing. After watching it close I'm seeing like something is missing on the board. Maybe some of you guys might help me by sending images of what should be there or maybe you can tell me what is missing.

See the attached picture (missing part red marked).

Kind regards

Block Image

Block Image

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Nelson, great that you posted some images. Explain this "I've detected a small fuse not working, so I made a bridge to test." a bit better. Which fuse (mark it on your images? If there was a short in that circuit you may further increased the damage by placing a jumper across the fuse. Always remember that there is a reason for the fuse to blow.


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Nelson, the part missing is reference designator C6100 which is a 0.1UF 10V 20% capacitor in a 402 package.

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Hey! Thanks for the quick answer! I will try that! Now I'll cross fingers to get one of those here in Argentina.

Thanks agains! Kind regards


Let us know if you need anything else.


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