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Blown power supply unit


I recently inherited an iMac G5, A1058. I tried to switch it on... but what I did not know was that it was 110V and I plugged it into 220V... and it blew... I saw smoke coming out from the bottom :(

Would it be only the power supply unit that is blown or could it affect the Logicboard or any other componant too...?? I want to be certain before I order a PSU..


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Hmm did you see if any of the capacitors on the logic board blew?? If not and they look fine then I think it possibly could just be the PSU.. But I'm not entirely sure. Look on eBay for a used PSU that you can get pretty cheap and give it a shot. I recently bought a PSU for my iMac G5 20' for $20 that works.

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Thanks John... I did buy a replacement PSU... though was not as cheap and had to get it all the way from US... but was worth it and works fine now...


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That's great to here :). And you're welcome mate


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