Front camera & Light Proximity Bracket the same as old models?


Having repaired hundreds of screens on the Phone 5 models I am today about to repair my first 6.

The screen I have purchased didn't come with a front facing camera and proximity bracket so my question is, are these the same as the 5 model? I know historically they kept these the same, but would be just my luck for them to change them now.

If they are different are they relatively easy to remove from old screens?

Many thanks in advance

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I have now completed the repair successfully so I can answer this one myself.

Yes the proximity and front camera brackets are different on the iphone 6. They do come off the old screen fairly easy though. I'm also pretty sure that with a bit of adaption you could get away with using the 5 brackets until there are a few more 6 ones on the market.

The front camera bracket just needs a little notch cut out of it and the light proximity may even maybe just placed on upside down.

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