Broke the 5 wire conector from psu in the motherboard

Hi, while trying to take out the power supply, accidentally took the entire conector (5 black wires)that is in the motherboard(out of it). Now i'm afraid that i won't be able to solder it. Is a simple solder or i'm screwed?

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This all depends on whether you tore off the pads on the motherboard or not. You should be able to tell by cleaning them good. If they still have solder on them and they are not loose then they are probable fine. You can also look on the connector to see if any solder pads are stuck to the pins.

If they have not been torn off then it's just a matter of soldering the pins back on which is fairly simple. If they have been torn off then you need to solder a small wire from the connector pin to the copper trace on the motherboard that corresponds to that pin.

I hope this helps.

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