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Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66, 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processors

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Very strange behavior after top case replacement

Hi all,

I just replaced my top case after a water spill.

The computer is still functioning relatively normally. But the replacement top case's keyboard only outputs symbols:


(that was ABCDEFG)

These symbols are those you get on the 'fn' setting on keyboard viewer. I can't understand why this is happenning.

Moreover, the mac seems to be in some weird state. Firefox wants to open everytime in safe mode. Finder is not working properly - everytime I change the window it reopens and resizes itself. When I press on 'Applications' in my dock, there is meant to be a quick animation as the applications menu appears, but this take 30 seconds - very slow video/graphics response.

Can anyone work out what the behaviiour is and what I might do to get the keyboard and the computer functioning normally?

Thanks very much,


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First see if it is acting the same way with an external keyboard.


of course- i typed this on an extrenal keyboard and it's absolutely fine. I am now using karabiner to stop the control and shift keys. it seems this is the problem - they are always down, sometimes causing mbp to boot into safe mode...

have i been sold faulty top case?


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Check the ribbon cable connection to the logic board are you squarely in? did you open the latch before removing the cable and re-set if after putting the cable in?

The other possibility here is you have a bad keyboard unit in this replacement upper case. Was this a new part or used.

Try disconnecting the ribbon cable (after pulling the power) and carefully insulate it so it doesn't sort out anything. With it disconnected using your external keyboard & mouse restart your system using the power pads. Does the system appear better that way (without the Karabiner software)?

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Yes. The system is fine in the way you suggest. Part is second hand, and I am in dispute with the seller on Alibaba. Ribbon connection is normal.

I think it can only be a hardware problem with the part. The only other thing is if it were possible for the water damage which demanded replacement to have damaged the logic board connection itself?

thanks for your help


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