Fan is buzzing constantly all of a sudden. It comes and goes.

Hi, first time here and something weird is happening to my Macbook Pro.

About a day ago it started to buzz like the fan was not running properly, and a simple shut down and reboot worked fine.

It's now buzzing on and off just through any kind of light computer activity.

The main programs that I use that would need to utilize the fan are SMC Fan Control and Hearthstone, but I've had both for over a year without problems.

It doesn't seem like a loose screw because there isn't any rattling, but it sounds like the fan is either about to die on me or something else....

I'll attach a vocaroo link so you can hear for yourselves. It's a bit quieter than it sounds but it's still extremely annoying.

Edit: It's getting worse and worse. It usually stops for a bit but it's been going on for a while...

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Can you please supply us the last four digits of your serial number so we can identify which model you have.


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Sadly, you've done your self in here ;-{

Using SMC Fan control tends to wear out the fan unit as the fan was never designed to be pushed to the max constantly or even at lower levels when the system does not need that much cooling.

It's time to replace your fan unit. You should take the time to clean out any dust build up though out your system.

I also strongly recommend you think about cleaning and refreshing the thermal paste on the CPU and depending on your model the GPU as well.

Without knowing which model you have its difficult to guide you further.

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