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I can't get into my MacBook, possible virus?

So the first sign that showed was that chrome gave me the blue page error on my 2012 MacBook Pro and said it couldn't connect. I tried to restart chrome but it refused to reopen. Avast also said it couldn't connect to a secure server and I went to check on my firewall in system preferences and the page said <do not localize> multiple times and when I tried to click on the firewall tab it said an error occurred and closed out.

I tried to restart it and the same problems occurred, I tried again after SMC and PRAM resets and it took forever but finally got me to my lock page, but would keep loading after I entered my password and not open.

I opened into boot mode and verified and repaired my disk, and I noticed it said I had 19 MB left on my 250GB SSD, which shouldn't be true.

I tried reinstalling the operating system and it went fine until the very end where it said "building boot caches on boot helper partition failed" and it said to restart and try again, after it restarted it is now stuck in a loop of being on the loading page with the Apple logo but with white text code on a black background all over the upper left of the screen and to another page that just says there was an error restarting and that it will try again. This seems to repeat endlessly so I shut it down and gave up:(

Any recommendations on what I should do next?

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Sounds like your SSD is failing here.

Do you have an external bootable drive you can boot up under? If not you'll need to create one using a friends system. You'll need a USB thumb drive (or HD) and download the OS-X installer from the App store. Prep up the drive using the installer and then copy over to it the installer app its self. Make sure your drive boot up your fields system using the startup manager by pressing the Option key when the system is restarted. Now startup your system using the external drive and run Disk Utility from your external drive. See if you can repair the drive. If not you'll need to replace it.

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