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Repair Guides for Sony Laptops

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Should I consult a professional in cleaning my laptop's fan?

I have a Sony Vaio Fit Multi-Flip SV-F15N1Z2EB Convertible. In case anyone is confused about my laptop's description, it is a convertible touch-screen with no disk-drive to be found (Windows 8).

My laptop's fan has been making loud humming noises since last February (I bought this laptop a few months before) and I figured that it was due to it's need to be cleaned out. I don't exactly mind the noise every time I use my laptop but I do prefer it to not make as much noise. I've attempted a few times to pry open the keyboard and loosen the screws found at the bottom but of course I failed in accessing the inside of my laptop. It seems to be a laptop you can't open yourself without professional help.

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Users who want to maintain the guarantee and warranty claims, and do not open the device, will not be able to access the innards due to the lack of maintenance covers. It is not even possible to replace the battery. This user-unfriendly and environmentally harmful policy is currently becoming more and more popular among ultrabooks, and unfortunately, is also infecting conventional laptops. The manufacturers' putative reasons do not deserve attention. They are simply excuses to hide the fact that the sole concern is to make buyers dependent on the manufacturers' overpriced services.

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