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My Nokia Lumia 735 dropped in water! What to do?

My phone has been dropped into a toilet. I have dried it out with a paper towel, but the touchscreen just won't work + the screen just shows the image in yellow with... like lines... you know. And the flashlight always works... Please help.

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+ It doesn't always turn on. Help please.


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Vlad, just like any other device that has a water immersion, it needs to be cleaned properly. Disassemble your Nokia, then clean every part with a high grade (90%+) isopropyl alcohol. Do not forget to clean all the cable connectors. While you clean, do a visual inspection and check for any missing, broken components. After you cleaned the Nokia, replace the battery. Cleaning the phone is a must to prevent corrosion damage. After you clean it and replace the battery, re-evaluate. Water damage is the toughest to diagnose since it is hard to determine which part has failed.

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Thank you for your answer. I have actually found out that it has got dirty inside because of the water it has absorbed. It was just all white, I was shocked. Once again, thank you.


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