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Released March 2012. Lenovo IdeaTab Model S2109A-F running Android 4.0. Model name:2291

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Why is my speaker is producing a static like sound?

The other day I was watching Youtube videos about cats and one of my speakers made a popping sound and then did not sound right. It plays sounds from that speaker, but the sound has a lot of static coming from it. How do I fix this?

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I have the same problem, but it also happens in my headphones, and the music freezes and begins to sound like a deb-step concert.


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If you go onto the lenovo support (or google search) You can look for updates - choose manual and find the audio update (mine is Realtek)

My laptop had static audio

To fix this, find the audio update (an update was made avaliable in feb 2018) and download the update driver. Open this file to run and restart your laptop.

This should solve the problem

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I just downloaded the latest realtek driver (jan 2018) but no joy. I don't think the speakers are blown (but maybe) as they both started acting up simultaneously with lots of static and I don't play a lot of music


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The speaker has most likely been blown out from being played too loudly. Luckily the speaker is easy to replace. Follow the guide on the Lenovo IdeaTab S2109A-F troubleshooting page for the exact instructions.

Next time, try to mind how loud the volume is because sudden spikes of noise can cause damage. Using headphones while listening to high volume media will eliminate the risk of damage to the device.

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My computer has this problem but also has static on external speakers as well.

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