Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Intermittent audio issues & dropouts

My audio keeps dropping out whenever I am watching a movie, either streaming or from the SSD. The status bar icon goes grey/black/grey/black intermittently, the volume increases/decreases intermittently.

I have tried a PRAM reset, kext unload/load, recovery install, fresh install etc, all to no avail.


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We encountered a similar problem when we first installed SSD's replacing the HD. The issue is free space! Unlike a HD which tends to have lots of free space SSD's tend to be small and as such have very little free space so the TRIM services or other cleanup functions need to run to free up space to run your video (movie or TV show). It makes no difference how you are watching it as the app needs to decompress the data stream (from local storage or via stream via the internet).

OK, What to do?

You could try cleaning up your drive of not needed files and run a clean up app like: HD Cleaner.

Next I would max out the amount of RAM the system can support (16GB). While it may not seem like you need this much what we want here is a way for the OS to use the RAM to hold the decompressed file Vs using the SSD.

The last option here is to get a bigger SSD, or better yet go with a SSHD drive instead. While this may seem counter intuitive given your desire for a faster system. A SSHD gains you the bang of a SSD but also gives you the deep storage of a HD and you don't get into the wait game of TRIM.

We don't use straight SSD based systems due to this issue and others, we only use SSHD's in the older MacBook Pro's. Apples blade SSD's in the newer systems use a proprietary cleanup function which is much better than what you can do with a 3rd party SSD drive in these older systems. Sorry ;-{

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Would something like a TRIM enabler be an acceptable compromise?


Yes, it's better with it than not. But... Even TRIM services create a lag when they run. It still gets back down to free space on the SSD, the size of the SSD can also help here. And lastly, the amount of RAM the OS has to work with. Here's what we use in place of a straight SSD: Seagate laptop SSHD. We're still evaluating it, but a new option is going with a Western Digital Black2 dual drive. Then you can create a fusion drive which helps over come the TRIM services issue as well.


Thanks for the input Dan.

After much scouring of the web/experimenting, I found that my intermittent issues were simply derived from a lack of maintenance. As I bought my MBP second-hand, I had no real idea of the history behind the machine. I opened it up & the SSD is indeed an original. I then decided to go further & clean out all the nooks, crannies & ports. As soon as I cleaned out the Digital Optical Out, the dreaded red light appeared for a moment. I restarted & Hey Presto! Problem solved!

1 week later, no issues to speak of at all!

Thanks for the speedy responses & help!



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