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A counter-top sandwich grill that features a floating style press and 10" x 8" grids.

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Why is my Panini Press not opening up?

My Panini Press isn't opening up. I'm not sure if I closed it incorrectly or if the handle is broken; however the handle is stuck and won't lift. So, I can't access the cooking surface.

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There are a few possible causes of this problem.

1. The Handle could be broken. Follow the guide on the This Page to replace it.

2. The Locking Knob could be tightened too far or rusted shut. Try to unscrew it as far as it will go, or follow the guide on This Page to replace it.

3. The Storage Latch could be closed. This latch is designed to prevent the panini press form opening when stored. Check to make sure it is all the way open.

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