Spot on motherboard wet/meted

I recently did a tear down on my bricked PS4 with the BLOD. When I looked at the mother board I noticed what seemed to be a wet or melted spot on the board. This ps4 has never come in contact with any liquids since I owned it. Could this be the cause of my BLOD?

Block Image

Block Image

Here are the best images I could capture of the board. I appreciate any and all help.

Thank you

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Hey mate. Is there any chance you could post a pic of the mother board? I don't think BLOD could be what could have done this to the board. Does the PS4 work?


Yes, we need a pic if you want the best answer


I have edited the original post to show pictures of the board


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What you see in those pics is 100% normal. Every PS4 has this. It may be left over solder flux from manufacturing or something similar, but they all have them and it's no problem. It's definitely not the cause of your BLOD.

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