The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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Which part is water damaged?

My dad bought a Samsung Galaxy S4, and accidentally fell into a pool with this phone in his pocket. He decided to take it to our local PhoneStop repair shop and they told him that the Motherboard was water damaged. Now I took this phone apart following the iFixit Teardown procedure, and the motherboard seems to look fine. However the front panel assembly seems to have signs of water damage and mineral corrosion.

When I attempted to power on the phone, the screen would display "Samsung Galaxy S4" then power off. The battery works fine. (Tested it on another S4)

Any Ideas on what the problem could be, or how I could find the failing part? Would it be worth fixing this phone(Only used about a month), or am I better off leaving it dead? Thanks.

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Michael, there really is no surefire way to determine the cause. I would start by cleaning all the parts with a high grade (90%+)isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. clean every part and do not forget the connectors. Check for missing, charred or otherwise damaged components. this" the front panel assembly seems to have signs of water damage and mineral corrosion" would lead me to change it as well as changing the battery. Any battery that has been exposed to liquid damage will eventually prematurely fail. changing it right way will eliminate the guesswork and provide you with a known-good part. After the cleaning, reassemble and re-evaluate.

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Thanks, I'll give it a try.


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