Charging Port dislodged from mother board

Is it possible to re-attach a dislodged charging port on the main board. It seems to have come off the motherboard on a tablet. I can access the inside but don't know where to go after that.

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Titu, most of the time it can be resoldered. In your case, since you did not tell us which tablet etc. we can only guess.


It's a Chromo 7" Android tablet


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You would have to realign all the connectors and then solder it back in place but yes it is possible

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Is there a special solder gun for this? The one I have may be too large for detailed soldering.

The connectors are very small and very close to each other.


I don't know what kind of soldering gun you have but some have interchangeable tips. If your tip is fixed you'll need to find a fine tip gun so you dont further damage the motherboard


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