The LG Thrill is a 3d enabled Android smartphone. The thrill has 8 gigs of internal memory with dual core processors, a camera with LED flash and wifi connectivity...

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LG Thrill 4g Sound Not Working With Headphones

I just got these new headphones so I can start listening to my music on the LG Thrill 4G. But once I plug them in there's no sound. When I play the music without the headphones sound from the internal speakers play very clearly, I'm trying to figure out what could potentially cause these issues, any suggestions?

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This typically happen for a number of reasons but the most common is either when the headphones are faulty or the the headphones aren't compatible with the smartphone. This occurs more frequently with higher tech phones, some headphones though they fit perfectly aren't the exact kind required with that phone. I would say before looking at more extreme explanations such as faulty speakers, I would visit your local phone provider, and find proper headphones designated for the LG Thrill 4G.

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