iPhone shows that it's charging, but loses charge after water damage


I have taken on a friends condemned iPhone. They say it was subjected to a small amount of water damage.

When I opened it up, I can't see any obvious signs of corrosion. However, when I got it nothing would work. So I replaced the battery and then it all seemed to work after syncing with iTunes.

However, when I tried to charge it, the lightning bolt would come and go, but even when it was there it actually seemed to be losing charge. Now the battery is flat and it won't do anything!

Any suggestions?

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The first suggestion i would give is to try a new charge flex, as that is the easiest and cheapest option to try. If that doesn't fix the issue then it could be the charge IC that has been damaged (although from experience the symptoms doesn't sound right).

Have you looked under all the shields with an microscope to check that there is definitely no corrosion? Sometimes not everything is visible with the naked eyes.

You could probably try an isoprop scrub down anyway, you don't really have much to lose at this point in time.

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Thanks Ali. I'll try that new charge flex and let you know how it goes. I thought I had a really good look for corrosion, but I might not know what I'm looking for!


Hi Ali,

Many thanks, your advice was spot on. I finally got round to replacing the charge flex and now it's working.

There are a couple of things that aren't functioning quite right though. Firstly the wifi signal seems intermittent. Secondly the home button has to be pressed really hardly to work. Do you know how these problems might be solved?

Thanks again.


I would take the screen off to see if the home button/flex area has got any sticky fluids or anything like that. But i would probably just put a new home flex in since they are relatively cheap to buy, as for the WiFi, make sure you have the antenna plugged in properly up the top left area.

Let me know how you get along.


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