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Put the Enter key back on the keyboard

Hi guys,

Recently, my keyboard has been flooded by hot tea. I cleaned it as fast as I could but... The "Enter" key hasn't really survive.

Actually, the key used to stick… but it is working. Yesterday, I’ve tried to remove the Enter key, seeing whether or not I could solve the problem by myself.

Now is my problem : I don't even know how to put the key back. There is an abnormal sound as soon as I press the key. The mechanism is quite hard.

After days of research, I haven't being able to found out any solution, any videos/tutorials. People on the web speak about the "A, B, C, D... key, the CMD key, space bar, Shift key.... but nobody speaks about the Enter Key, located on the right of the keyboard.

I'll keep trying until I figure out an answer to this. I'd rather avoid the expensive Assistance into an Apple Store.

Thank you for your help.

(Sorry for my eventual mistakes. English is not my native language)

- - - - -

Here is my situation :

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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The key should just snap into place on the hinge mechanisms. Can you take a picture of the under side of the key?

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Done. I have just added the key picture at the first post.

On the third picture, we can see the under side of the key and a metal bar. This bar is suppose to go into a micro "hole". I'm not really able to describe the two options but... Let's try.

Opt1 :

I put the metal bar directly into the mechanism ; not in the key. After that, I just have to put the Key back and push on it hoping it is going to attach properly. Of course, it doesn't but for an unknown reason, the Enter key seems to work. It's not attached, but actually it is... What the !&&* ?

Opt2 :

I attach the metal bar on the key (exactly like the third picture) and try inserting the bar in the hole located in the mechanism. I think this method is suppose to be the easier one but ... Really it is a mess.

Put the key back is not possible here.

If my message is that hard to understand... It might be better to film that. I'll see.


It looks like you need to insert the metal bar into the keyboard first and then the tabs on the left side of the key (key facing up) need to slide into the plastic pins on the hinge mechanism. Once those tabs are seated then the right side of the key should click into place on the metal bar. However, it looks like the top tab on the left side of the key is broken. In the linked picture below I highlighted in red the one that looks broken and highlighted in green what a good one should look like.


I just remembered I hada keyboard in my scrap pile that has this type of enter key. I pulled the key off and I guess I was all wrong on how it goes back in. You have to put the metal bar in first, then slide the tabs on the left side of the key onto the hinge mechanism, then snap the right side into the hinge mechanisms. A video is linked below showing how I clipped it back on.


How many times I have tried the way you do it on the video, but I never succeeded.

However today... Great news... I inserted the metal bar on the keyboard, put the Enter key on it and... *Magic*... It works now ! I guess I have been lucky.

Thank you so much for your help though :) !


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