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Some one using TI EV2300 to program/hack a Battery back

TI EV2300 is a tool to program BQ series battery gauge.

I'm considering to get my A1185 out of "Permanent Failure" using EV2300.

Some one ever tried that or have some info/suggestion?


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did you check the lipo cells first? are the fuses ok? - if a battery fails - it's most likely the problem of the cells and not the pcb inside the battery

so checking the voltage of every single cell and their fuses would be my first step - but that involves disassembling the battery (be careful and don't bent the cells)

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'cause i'll replace the cells and the g**d*** "self destructive" fuse. and i know what i'm doing.

just need some tool to reset BQ20Z80 status.

i don't know if this can be done by just programming SMBus...


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