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How can I free the R/H rear screw on back cover that's *Loctite* held

I am about to replace the iBook's HDD. Have followed the paginated instructions successfully so far.

Now, at the Bottom Cover's rear R/H [long] Torx 8 screw I've hit the wall. My Vanadium T8 s/driver did shift the screw, but only so far, and with the entire assembly turning, the shallow screw head has been gone 'rounded' at driver insert, a double whammy.

There seems no way out, or in, and I am truly stuck having the 'captive' nut welded to the case retaining screw.

Any valid idea short of destroying my trusty iBook will be supremely appreciated.

I am sure that this is a very rare occurrence.I regret this lengthy spiel, but am at my 'wits end'. M'aidez, hilfe..

Thank you...


NB: The short center and rear L/H screws were both undone without any drama.

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Hi Balta,

I'd be tempted to try a small cutting disc in a high speed model drill like a Dremel and cut a new slot across the screw head. Don't cut too deep, just enough to give a screwdriver purchase. Then try a quality slot screwdriver to release the screw. If that doesn't work drill out the head of the screw with a drillbit the same size as the screw head countersink head. Once the cover is off you can work the rest of the screw out with needle-nose pliers

I guess you have done it by now, but I post this for others in a similar predicament.

Good luck,


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Hi Cameron, all you indispensable unsung heroes of this great forum, guide post that is iFixit. I succeeded in resolving then, what was a desperate situation by employing a measure of each of those very same approaches, chiefly that which is now suggested by you, Cameron.

Do forgive any omission on my part, but I recall having back then reported my success in a follow-up submission.

Since start of this year, however, a number of other activities led to my absence from the Forum, in particular, an unforeseen, freak accident diverted me away from the absorbing plethora of subject matters arising here.

Though not quite back up to 'speed' as it were, I'll be burrowing through this site as much as possible, and with a hope of being able to contribute to its interest in the infinite sphere of what drives us all.

Kind regards,



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Tricky, tricky.

This has happened to us, however when it comes to iBooks at QEII it's a case of "Well, it wasn't working in the first place, so it isn't any worse than when we started." This may not appeal to you but we bent back the bottom case until it snapped off, we then got a new bottom case.

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That's happened to me often. I've found that tearing the bottom case off an iBook is like ripping off a band-aid -- if you do it as quickly and with as much force as possible, you'll be in the best shape afterward, and the bottom casing will be pretty much intact.

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You may try a small flat screwdriver and force it inside the torx screw hole then apply force on it while you unscrew. That could work if the torx hole still have notches where the flat screwdriver can grip on otherwise QEII Student IT and rdklincorporated rip off method will do the job.

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