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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Which one do I have?

Hey everyone. I've got a MacBook Pro with water damage and it wont power on.

I've opened it up and it doesn't look that bad. I was thinking of replacing the motherboard and sending the water damaged one out for repair as the owner needs it back fast.

I was wondering how i can find out exactly which motherboard i need without turning it on. Thanks!


I could have sworn i replied to this. You guys were absolutely right, the keyboard was shorted. Cleaned it up reinstalled and it fired up without problems. I should say the the replacing the logic board idea came from apple quoting a ridiculous price to replace the motherboard after a diagnosis by a apple technician. Even though my original question suggests something else. Props where props are due and i believe they are due. You guys helped me save the owner a serious chunk of money and for this i am grateful. Thanks again!

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The part number for your systems logic board is: 661-5559, 2.40 GHz and an alternate board would be: 661-5560, 2.66 GHz.


You will find an 820-XXXX number on your logic board. Do a search with that to find the proper board.


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This may just be a shorted out keyboard. Tell us how the liquid entered and how much., Look on the bottom and give us the serial number.

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The liquid entered the laptop from the right side and was about a quarter cup. Serial is W81030ZYATM.

tnx for the fast reply!


I agree with Mayer here. You should properly diagnose what needs repairing or replacing before just blindly swapping parts out. You may find the keyboard will also need repair or replacing as well.


If the power on key shorts out the machine will not start. Please tell us what it will do including any sounds or lights you get. Also there are LSI indicators on both the keyboard and the logic board, see which ones have turned from white to red. 50% of the time liquid does not get to the logic board and you only have to replace the keyboard. Replacing the logic board can be cost prohibitive so spend some time with your diagnoses.


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