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Weird Noise From Right Side Of PS4

Hi to Everyone .

I Bought a New Model Of PS4 CUH-1115A 2 Days ago .

When I Play the Games After 5 Min i Heard Weird quite sound From right Side Of PS4 Behind PS4 Logo Is This Normal For All PS4's ? After The Close Game And Fan Speed Slow Down That Sound Goes Away and Very Low .


I Buy A Latest Model Of PS4 All Of People Who Buy This Moedel Have A Same Sound Like Mine and Plus That Every Day I Play The Game The Sound Goes Quieter Than Last Day I Think It's Normall

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That would be right where the fan is located. First of all it is normal to hear the fan spinning. When you are playing a game that taxes the system and creates a lot of heat, the fan will spin faster and you can hear it when it does this. This is completely normal and I'm guessing that this is what is happening with yours but there are a few other things that could be going on here as well.

It could be that there is dirt and debris built up somewhere there where the fan is located and when it spins fast it creates a noise that you can hear.

It's hard to tell by the way your question is worded whether you bought it brand new from the store or just that it's the new model of PS4. If it's a brand new one from the store then I would hope that there is no dirt or debris there. If that's the case then it could just be either something not lined up quite right or maybe something from the manufacturing process could have gotten caught in the fan.

I hope this helps.

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