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Ideas for a low profile AGP 8x card for a SFF GX270?


I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 I snagged for 10$ used because the old owners didn't want it because of Windows XP. Well, when I got it I found a major limitation to this computer in short order but for the price it really didn't bother me too much at the time. Now that I think about it more it's very annoying. The problem with this computer is the onboard video has a really aggravating VideoBIOS.

The main issue I have with the VideoBIOS is I can't install any other driver then the Dell driver the standard way(I got around this issue; do it manually with the zip folder driver from Intel) and it has an artificial limitation baked in and this is the VideoBIOS for the Intel graphics is capped at 1280x1024 unless you mod the .inf file of the latest drivers for it(and even that limits you to 4:3 type monitors). The onboard VidioBIOS is one of the worst I dealt with on these machines, next to the 4500s(has the same issue yet it has no AGP slot). Unless it's a 4:3 custom resolution it ignores it.

Outside of modifying the BIOS on it what would be a good low profile AGP card for it that's not too bad and doesn't cost too much to buy? The machine is from about 2004 or so and it's not worth a lot so I have no plans to splurge too heavily on such a old computer. I say this because I can't really get my main monitor to like it because it only goes up to 1080p since it's a TV with a VGA port and I don't have VGA cables floating. The best solution is to buy a video card.

The reason for not modding the BIOS is this is old enough it likely has no recovery options in place like a modern computer. If I screw up and brick it the machine is screwed. I'm not going down that road.

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Hate ordering off of Ebay, but this one would be compatable for what your trying to do. They have them also listed for like 10.00...And NVIDIA has always been good.

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