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Model A1174 with 2 GHz Core Duo or Model A1207 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo

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Recently, the CPU fan started running at full speed. What is wrong?

The CPU/Video fan runs slow at startup, and gets ridiculously fast and loud after a few minutes.

I disassembled the computer to remove 3~4 years of dust on the heat pipe fins, but the problem remains.

It is the nVidia logic board GPU that is running at 160 deg F. It has the CPU/GPU fan running at a full 3600 RPM. Is this in spec or am I going to need to try to re-seat the heat pipes to get a better thermal connection?

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did you replace the thermal paste on the cpu/gpu?

i had a few macbooks with heat problems, the paste was hard and almost useless - in other cases, there was way too much of that stuff on the chip's (original apple!).

Block Image

replacing it is a must!!

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+ although nick recommended the thermal paste first, I'm gonna uptick ya. LMAO


no, he edited it in his answer after i wrote it - as always (check the history - but i think he will delete his post soon - also as always)


you are aware that everybody can see the "edited by" and of course the history of a posting.


@ Markus...I was being sarcastic. LOL


;-) and nick, it's not that "I" have a copyright on the stuff i'm writing. but it's lame to edit the stuff of an answer in the own answer - only to - yeah - only to what ? get a better reputation score? it's like the deleting stuff that you always do - i delete my answers if the worst case happens and mayer, majesty and answer at the same time - like a few minutes ago.


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Try downloading a demo of iStat menubar.

Then you will get a good look into the CPU processes and temperatures in your iMac.

heres the program

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If you'd given a link you'd have gotten an upvote.


i edited this with a link


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You could also try Activity Monitor, which is included with OS X.

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