Going to fix roach infested Wii that wont turn on help pls.

I bought a Wii off of my friend for 10 bucks, working and everything, what a deal haha. Well now I have a problem on it. Its happened 3 times now and only got worse, one day the Wii was just dead, fortunately I found the AC Adapter reset that made it work again. Months later, it happened again, and well I tried the AC Adapter reset to no luck so I thought this time the Wii was dead for sure, though when I plugged in the adapter to the Wii the power light will turn on and then off, just a little blink, but wont stay on long enough to turn on the Wii, so it sat there unplugged and all for almost 2 days,and I decided to give it another shot, and it worked!

Months later, it started to do this think at least once a week, or once ever 2 or 3 weeks that I would randomly find it dead, but I would just unplug the AC from the back of the Wii and back in, and it would work again, I then stared to consider another AC Adapter but never got around to it, untill yesterday that the Wii died, again, and the AC Adapter wouldnt work so I went and bought a brand new AC Adapter from my local Gamestop, and well it didn't work, I then saw a roach come out of it from the cooling fan in the back and I then decided to use a flashlight on the Wii's AC Connection, and well surely enough through the little holes I saw a roach there.

While in the outside of the conection there isint any roaches squished or anything restricting the connection or the flow of electricity, and only seem to be inside, are they the ones possibly causing the Wii's power outage? I don't think its dead since the power light blinks on and off but wont stay on to turn on the Wii. Its also not bricked, I highly doubt it. I have a metter I can use to check it and stuff, but do you guys think they are the problem, im still gonna clean it, I dont want no reaches neer me. Just want to see what you guys think and if that would fix the problem.

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alexpimp64, first thing I would consider is a good exterminator. Second, you do want to disassemble your Wii and clean it with some isopropyl alcohol and check for any obvious damage. I'd suggest a face mask while cleaning it. Roaches and other bugs leave some nasty residue and debris. Once you have it disassembled and cleaned, check everything out again. Anything else will be a guess until you evaluate what you really have going on.

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Hey thanks for your reply, the Wii does have some ovious damage on the outside one corner is bit damage, like a bit flatened as if it had fallen, only reason, thats pretty much it, though if it did, that would explain why, it sometimes only takes the discs hlaf way, i have to turn it upside down, Gamecube ports down, and it will take it in normally when it gets the disc stuck hlaf way or if it keeps spitting it out, thats ehy i got it so cheap. Other than that, it had no isues, it could be a loose conection due to this possible fall wouldn't it? Is the the AC Adapter port, sodere or connected with the little slot connections? Ive never opened a Wii so this is all new to me...


Use these guides Nintendo Wii Repair to work on it. Yes, it could be a loose connector and plenty of other stuff


Ill have a look at it thanks ^-^


Hey just a quick update, I just plugged in the Wii, and it works now... im waiting on a Tri Wing screwdriver to open it up and clean it. I will check for a loose connection on the power adapter port, but, I doubt it be a loose connection...


I am more concerned about the stuff that the roaches leave behind, than a loose connection :-) Clean it before considering using it in an as is condition.


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