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Why won't my brake lights work!?

I have a 98 Chevy Silverado k 1500 z71 the blinker on the passenger rear wasn't working so I got new circuit boards and replaced both sides with bulbs as well. The blinkers were working. Went to the store and the fuse to the blinkers blew. I changed it and they started working again it blew 3 more times now they are fine, but now my brake lights aren't working. The signals work and when I turn my lights on the tail lights light up but when I press the brake nothing... I've changed relays, fuses, brake switch, all bulbs, and both circuit boards in the tail lights and checked for bad or cut wires. I'm at a complete loss. Any help would but gladly appreciated!

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Sounds like a wire issue best way to find it (as long as you already know that the fuse is good)is to start at the connector for the tail lights and check for both power and ground then trace your wires back to the next brake in the wire and check again. If any insulation has ever been stabbed a bubble of corrosion can develop and cause to much resistance for any current to pass aswell as if a wire has been pinched it will cause a break inside of the rubber that you will not be able to see so as you trace your wires you should be giving them a slight tug and watch for Streching that would reveal your issue if the wire snaps from you pulling on it then it was already broken

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