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How can I get my old phone to work again?

So I dropped my phone in the toliet, about a month ago, the screen was replaced because it was cracked before and the new one was slightly out of the frame but perfectly working. But anyways, once it fell in I quickly grabbed it and dried it off. I was at school so I couldn't put it in rice but it seemed fine than about a minuet later it wouldn't turn on, or respond (no even DFU mode ) just a red dot by the frot camera area. I then (stupidly) took the screen off completely and dried off the inside (I'm sure scratching the back of the screen and the part below it (the LCD panel and digitizer I assume). Should I try to replace the screen again and see if that work or just by a new one? Also (stupid mistake again) don't trust iCloud so I didn't have anything backed up so I'm just mainly concerned if there's even a way if I can retrieve the hard drive or something.

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" I then (stupidly) took the screen off completely and dried off the inside "

this wasnt stupid--it was inspired. Rice is a horrible myth mostly because it keeps you from doing the right thing and getting your phone opened up!

Next time, get it into alcohol while still wet to displace the water and then scrub and dry before ever putting electricity through it.


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Hi ,

So first things first . Your phone is now water damaged.

1. Clean all connectors and logic board with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

2. I recommend replacing the battery ( Not always necessary )

3. Replace front display assembly

after you have completed these steps try booting your phone up and let us know what happens.


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Okay thanks, I ordered a new battery and front assembly replacement


I have ordered the parts an they arrives, I am ready to begin, but before I do, could you elaborate on what I need to do with te 99% isopropyl alcohol?


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