Water damage, dried everything, battery refuses to charge

I have a 2013 11" MBA that had a water damage incident. Water (actually, monster energy drink) spilled inside of a bag with a MBA that was placed charger side down.

I took the mba entirely apart down to the keyboard, after which I cleaned it with deionized water, dried it out with compressed air. I let it dry a bit more before restarting. I don't think there is any more water that I can dry.

Currently, the macbook runs great...on adapter power. It also will run fine on battery power.

However, it will NOT charge the battery through the adapter.

I have done an SMC reset, and PRAM/NVRAM reset.

I believe there is damage to one of the boards but I am not sure which one - the small I/O board or the main logic board.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.

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Did you completely remove the logic board to clean it? There is more components on the other side as well that likely need cleaning.


Yes, I was able to remove the logic board as well as the smaller IO board to clean/dry them.


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Give this little gem a try: coconutBattery. Post a screenshot of the what it shows you so we can see.

I suspect you have a blown MosFET in the charging circuit or the comparator logic is damaged.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I tested it with the app, and while the computer runs fine via adapter (not using battery at all), the coconut battery menu says that its running off the battery with 0 watts from the battery.


Then the one or more of the MosFET's are damaged.


would those be in the IO board or the main logic board?


Sadly, its the main logic board that will need replacing. You might find someone with the needed skills, tools & parts to repair your logic board.


%#*@, I was hoping it was the IO board and I already have one coming in. Ill try swap it anyway since I ordered it. Thanks for your help Dan!


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