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purchased used iPod need instructions

I cannot get iPod to unlock, what do I do?Purchased used on ebay

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First thing to try would be a factory restore in iTunes. That is, of course, assuming your issue is software-related, and not a hardware problem. Plug the iPod into your computer, and open iTunes. Select the iPod from the list of libraries on the left, and there should be a button to restore it to factory settings. This will also wipe all of the songs that are currently on it, if there are any.

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I changed "right" to "left". I think that's what you meant.


Yes, that is what I meant. Thank you Sterling.


You're welcome.


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If you want to fix it without wiping everything you can go and plug it in to your computer and search for _locked and if it doesn't come up then go to the view tab at the top and click on show hidden folders and retry the search. The view tab is on Windows. Maybe OS X. I don't know about that one.

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